About Us

WCAAUP (Whittier Chapter of the AAUP) is dedicated to advancing the academic mission of Whittier College by supporting a sustainable model of education and shared governance. WCAAUP members have enhanced the well-being of Whittier College and its students through years of innovative teaching, dedicated service, and through millions of dollars in gifts and grants.

Re-established in September 2013, WCAAUP is a subsidiary chapter of the AAUP (the American Association of University Professors),  a professional organization established in 1915 for the purpose of protecting academic freedom, pursuing effective shared governance of colleges and universities, and advocating that colleges and universities provide adequate compensation to faculty to make the profession attractive.  These ideas and goals are spelled out in the “1940 Statement of Principles on Academic Freedom and Tenure,” which can be found in the Whittier College FacultyHandbook, Appendix 1.  Whittier College had an active AAUP chapter in the 1970s, and AAUP guidelines were instrumental in the establishment of key aspects of our faculty governance system.

Membership in the Whittier College chapter of AAUP is open to Whittier College Academic Staff, Adjuncts, Librarians, Visiting Professors and Faculty.